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My research area is the integration of scRNA-seq with other data types in order to understand genomic regulation at the single cell level. I believe this area of research will have a dramatic effect on all fronts of medicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and developmental biology.

I completed Honours with first class in 2018 under the supervision of Mikael Boden. My project started off with the aim of determining differentially expressed genes in RNA-sequencing data on melanoma cells with gene perturbation. This eventually lead me to analyse publicly available single cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) data from melanoma patient tumors.

By the end of my project I developed a new method to understand bulk RNA-seq perturbation data (further research/paper still in progress).

The expertise I developed in scRNA-seq lead to a research appointment after honours. During this appointment I pre-processed and analysed a new scRNA-seq data set from the developing mouse brain (research/paper in progress).

My goal is to further my computational, mathematical, and biological knowledge so I can be a better Bioinformatician.

I'm currently pursuing my PhD in this field under the supervision of Mikael Boden, with co-supervision by Mike Piper and Jessica Mar.

If you have similar interests, you can send me an email or see my website.


  • Deans Commendation for Academic Excellence


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