Ariane Mora

I graduated with Honors class 1 in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Queensland., July 2019. My honours project was completed as part of Stemformatics, under the joint supervision of Associate Professor Mikael Boden & Rowland Mosbergen. The project was to develop improved visualisation methods for metabolomics data, (omicxview), completed July 2017. My PhD project aims to leverage machine learning to model the dynamics of chromatin state and how it specifies cell fate. Currently my focus is implementing statistical models to provide a rigorous basis for the machine learning models. It is hypothesised that such technologies, when used correctly, can improve our understanding of the non-linear, interdependent relationships within biological systems.

Conferences & Symposiums

Invited Oral Presentation at E-Research Australasia Title: Omicxview: an interactive metabolic pathway visualisation tool. Brisbane Oct 2017
Invited Oral Presentation at Joining the Dots Symposium Title: Consolidating biological data types to develop integrated visualisations Melboune Aug 2017


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