DLocalMotif is a discriminitive motif discovery web service specifically designed to discover local motifs in protein sequences that are aligned relative to a defined sequence landmark. It uses three discriminitive scoring features, motif spatial confinement (MSC), motif over-representation (MOR) and motif relative entropy (MRE). These features establish if a motif is positioned in a constrained sequence interval in positive data set and absent in negative data set.

- A standalone software of our method is available here.

If you use DLocalMotif in your research, please cite the following paper:

Ahmed M. Mehdi, Muhammad Shoaib B. Sehgal, Bostjan Kobe, Timothy L. Bailey and Mikael Bodén "DLocalMotif: A discriminative approach for discovering local motifs in protein sequences" (2013), Bioinformatics, 29 (1):39-46 [Abstract and Full Text]

Data Submission Form

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Please enter the positive and/or negative protein sequences which you believe containing local motifs. The sequences may contain no more than 6000 amino acids and should be in fasta format. If you have larger sequences, please download our standalone software.
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