Welcome to the PhosphoPICK Server

PhosphoPICK is a method for predicting kinase substrates using an integrated system of cellular context and protein sequence information, and is currently able to make predictions for 107 human kinases, 24 mouse kinases and 26 yeast kinases. If this is your first time using PhosphoPICK, the tutorial section contains more information on how the algorithm works, and how to interpret the results.

There are three ways to use PhosphoPICK:

  1. The Submit Sequences page allows you to submit protein sequences, choose one or more kinases, and obtain predictions for the potential phosphorylation sites in your protein sequences.
  2. The Download page is for those interested in downloading proteome-wide predictions of kinase substrates.
  3. The SNV analysis page is for the analysis of the effect of mutations on potential phosphorylation sites in protein sequences.